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Shari Kovarik, founder of Madison’s Hope Inc., has always loved dolls. She was inspired to do something after she helped a Colorado Springs family at Christmas by aiding Santa in getting an American Girl© doll for one of their daughters (Madison). Her mother told Mrs. Kovarik that it was a special gift for her daughter. The family is large with very limited income and could never have hoped to give a gift such as this to their daughter without help. Madison’s Hope Inc. was founded to allow other families to have the same experience.

Madison’s Hope Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the state of Colorado in November, 2007.

Madison’s Hope Inc. is entirely non-profit and has the objective of distributing American Girl© dolls and accessories to young girls in need. There are no restrictions as to who can receive the dolls. Church organizations, school counselors, social workers and members of the community identify candidate girls. A committee consisting of the Director, other board members, and volunteers determine who receives the dolls without regard to race or creed. Although financial need of the family is a consideration, other factors will be considered such as family situation or extenuating circumstances. 
Why American Girl©  dolls? 
1. The dolls are not available to many people because of their high price.
2. The books and stories that accompany the dolls are excellent for their content.
3. The stories tell of girls who are strong in difficult situations, providing positive role models.
4. Shari loves the dolls, books, clothing and accessories! 

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